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Wall Panel

Stainless steel wall panels are widely used in hotels, corridors, shopping malls, bars and restaurants, clubhouse, bathroom and kitchen etc. With a professional attitude and meticulous spirit, we create quality products beyond imagination. Our design team specializes in custom-made stainless steel decorative products, providing decorative art solutions to create luxurious atmosphere!


Water ripple embossed stainless steel panels create dynamism and serenity. Not only do they give much more dimension than the usual wallpaper, they bring glamorous and elegance feeling. Stainless steel is anti-corrosion and dirt, resists heat, easy to clean and has a long-lasting life.

Decorative Screen

Decorative screens with splendid and wondrous design not only serve partition purpose but also create ambience. Both laser cut and welding designs are no hassle for us. We welcome tailor made design with no minimum order quantity.

Office/Bathroom Partition

Display Cabinet/ Rack

Display cabinet is the key to promote brand image and perceived brand value. Stainless steel coordinates harmony with various kinds of materials, creating a modern splendid feeling.


Sign Board